As a cadet, you’ll have countless opportunities to push your limits. Like everything else, you’ll get out what you put into this experience. So make the most of it. Check out the resources below and get involved.


  • Land NavigationExplore the basics of land navigation using this helpful tool.
  • Field ManualsWhether you’re teaching a lane, debating with your battle buddy, or looking for a good read, field manuals are the best way to learn military doctrine.
  • Get Ready for the ACFTHaving troubling passing your ACFT? Looking to push your physical fitness? Get fit with this helpful resource.

ROTC Ranger Challenge

Ranger Up

Are you a high-speed athletically inclined cadet with a desire to compete with schools around the Brigade? Take on Bald Eagle Battalion’s ROTC Ranger Challenge and represent our program alongside your fellow cadets.

Level up and put your warrior skills to the test in this grueling team-based standoff. The strongest team has a chance to enter the Sandhurst Competition.


  1. Obstacle Course
  2. Confidence Course
  3. Land Navigation
  4. One Rope Bridge
  5. Hand Grenade Assault Course
  6. TCCC Lane (First Aid)
  7. Weapons Familiarization
  8. Commander's Challenge