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Academic success starts with assessing your math skills to confirm you’re prepared to tackle your first-semester courses.

Your math skills assessment is completed online. Visit your applicant dashboard to start this important step in the enrollment process.

To ensure an equal playing field for all students, accommodations are available for eligible students. Some examples include having extra time or working with a test reader. Check out Disability and Access Resources for a more complete list.

Go to your applicant dashboard to get started. Accommodations need to be approved prior to taking your math skills assessment. Accommodations are arranged based on a history of the accommodations you received during high school. However, documentation of your disability is needed for accommodations as an enrolled student. Please complete the self-disclosure form

Placement requirements must be met before an offer of acceptance will be made. You’ll receive 1.5 times the usual allotted time to complete your math skills assessment.

  • Spring Start: your online math skills assessment must be completed by October 1
  • Fall Start: your online math skills assessment must be completed by May 1

If you can’t make it on your scheduled test date, email us to cancel. After receiving a cancellation confirmation email, you can visit your applicant dashboard to register for a new test date.


LEAP Center

matches /admissions/meet-placement-requirements/placement-testing ... percision: 3 of 3


Every major requires one or more math courses. A math skills assessment identifies which level of math is an ideal starting point for you.

Math Test FAQs

Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra

Measures ability to perform basic operations and to solve problems that involve pre-algebra and elementary algebraic skills and concepts.

  • 45 minutes
  • 58 questions

Intermediate Algebra

Accesses ability to perform basic algebraic operations and to solve problems that involve intermediate algebraic skills and geometry concepts.

  • 30 minutes
  • 26 questions

Functions & Graphs

Measures ability to perform operations and to solve problems that involve functions and graphs. Readiness for calculus is determined through the use of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

  • 45 minutes
  • 37 questions

Preparing for Placement Testing

Prior to Taking your Math Skills Assessment

Complete the Math Information Form

Along with your math skills assessment placement results, these answers will be used to determine your level of math proficiency. Complete this form prior to testing:

  1. Log on to the Student Information System (SIS).
  2. Select “Admissions Information” on the left.
  3. Select “Placement Testing” to go directly to the form.
  4. Answer all questions carefully before submitting. Once you submit, you will not be able to return.
Take a Sample Assessment & Review Sample Questions

Take advantage of these resources. Get an idea of what to expect and see where you need some practice. Register here to take a sample assessment. To register, use your first and last name. A username and password will be provided. You’ll receive results automatically after finishing.

Next Steps

How to access your Math Skills Assessment:
  • First, log in to the applicant dashboard to choose a standard or accommodated assessment.
  • Allow 24 hours for us to prepare your assessment.
  • Log in to the Student Information System (SIS) and navigate to the Placement Testing option.
  • Use a calculator, if desired.