Take the Functions & Graphs placement test if you placed at a level 5 because of one of the following:

  • your SAT or ACT score placed you at a level 5
  • you completed math placement testing and placed at a Level 5
  • transfer credit has placed you at a level 5

The Functions & Graphs placement test is one of the measures used by the placement committee to determine if a student is prepared to take Pre-Calculus (MTH 191), Applied Calculus (MTH 230), Calculus I (MTH 240), or a Credit-by-Exam (if a lower level course is required in their program).

Doing well on the Functions & Graphs placement test increases the number of options available to students for meeting math requirements within their program.


Students can complete their math requirement(s) early, with a credit savings.

Students can choose to take more advanced courses in mathematics, depending on future goals.

Students would have time to take additional courses of interest within their programs.



Students who do well on this placement test and receive a placement 6 or 7 can save both time and money.

  • Many students are in programs that require College Algebra and Trigonometry I and II (MTH 181 & MTH 183) or six credits of math at the level of Structures of Mathematics (MTH 151) or higher. This placement test can give the option of substituting one of the 3-or-4 credit courses listed above for the required six math credits.
  • Students in programs that require a total of 9 or 10 credits of math, including at least one calculus course, may be able to complete their entire math requirement by taking one 3- or 4-credit course from the list above. For example: in some programs, College Algebra, Trig I and II, and Calculus I (10 credits) could be replaced with Calculus I only, (4 credits). The substitution results in the student completing their math requirement the first semester while at the same time freeing up credits or saving the cost of 2 to 6 credits.
  • If a student is in a program that requires only one 3-credit math course, she/he could still benefit by having the opportunity to take a course at a higher level or electing to do a credit by exam for the required course. The result is a savings of time and the cost of a 3-credit course. Note: there is a fee of $50 for challenging a course by exam.