In our experimental forest and on-site sawmill, you’ll work with industry data collection tools, learn about wildlife and land management, timber harvesting, and more.

Facilities and equipment supporting the educational program include an 8000 sq. ft. sawmill and approximately 785 acres of timber.
Three sites are used as experimental forest where various thinning and harvesting techniques are practiced. A variety of hardwood and conifer stands between 10 – 80 years of age are present in the 3 outdoor laboratories. A 2-acre pond and recreation field complement the outdoor facilities.

Supporting equipment
Equipment supporting the educational program include a dehumidification dry kiln, dozer, a John Deere 440C skidder and CAT D3 skidder dozer, a John Deer 380 forklift, and a 2011 tandem International logging truck with Prentice loader.

Accredited by the Society of American Foresters
The educational program in Forest Technology leading to an Associate of Applied Science in Forest Technology is accredited by the Society of American Foresters.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
DCNR's need for Forest Technicians is not diminishing. Assisting with timber harvesting and the Marcellus Shale issues has increased our need to fill these positions. Penn College is our lifeline for these positions as they are one of the few in-state schools graduating Forest Technicians.
Debra Gray, Human Resource Analyst, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Forest Technology, Class of 2012 My entire experience at the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies was great. The teachers were passionate and knowledgeable. All the hands on experience and skills that I learned prepared me for employment. I started working in June for the Bureau of Forestry. With that said, Penn College has proven that their slogan, "degrees that work" is true!

Amy Moyer, Forest Technology, Class of 2012

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