Meal Plans and Parking permits may be added to your eBill Now through August 6th. Add your Fall 2018 meal plan (for off-campus students) and/or parking permit to your student eBill through the SIS by clicking on the “Financial Information” tab, and selecting “Optional Service Request” from the drop-down menu. Make your choices and have the charges added to your Fall 2018 eBill.

Graduating in August? It is now time to petition for August graduation. Students should either come to the Registrar's office, room 1020 of the SASC, or call the Registrar's office at 1-800-367-9222 or 570-327-4772, to petition.  Petitioning should be done as soon as possible, but no later than June 22.

Log in to SIS to check your application status; view your class schedule, grade reports, and financial information; verify your meal plan balance; schedule your classes online via Web scheduling; and much more.


Student Directory

The SIS Student Directory lists your name, address, phone number, major, and email. You can choose to completely remove your listing or to limit what information is displayed by using the "Update Student Directory Information" option from the Address Information heading in SIS.


New students: After you submit your Application for Admission, a letter containing your network username and password is sent to your home address. You will need this information to log into the SIS, as well as other electronic resources such as College email. Contact the Admissions Office at 800-367-9222 if you do not receive the letter. If you misplace the letter or forget your network username and password, contact the Student Help Desk at 570-322-7154.

Down Time

SIS is not accessible from 3 a.m. to (approx.) 3:45 a.m. EST.

Quick Links

Registrar's Office

Academic records of all current and former students (access and distribution based on state and federal laws)

Financial Aid

Money is available to help eligible students meet college costs. Find out if you are eligible.

Residence Life

Quality on-campus housing and assistance in locating off-campus housing


Consider enrollment options and make an informed decision.

Academic Services

Information and assistance with placement testing, scheduling, and academic processes