The third largest manufacturing industry in the U.S. offers opportunities to design, develop, and manufacture products in diverse areas including computers, electronics, vehicles, sports, and recreation. (source)

Bradley Stroup The ... really cool thing about plastic is that it is everywhere, in almost every field. If one is interested in the health field, automotive, construction, fashion, cosmetics, sports, or electronics, they can get involved through plastics.

Bradley Stroup, Plastics & Polymer Engineering Technologies

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One of only six plastics programs in the nation accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET (


Injection molded products displayed in front of the Cincinnati-Milacron injection molding machine. Bottles produced by the Hesta extrusion blow molder. A PET bottle being produced in the Bronco stretch blow molder. Thin film being wound after leaving the blown film tower. Control panel of the Killion single screw extruded. Plastic strand exiting an extrusion die, the first step in how plastic pellets are made. A student feeding plastic strand into a pelletizer; demonstrating how plastic pellets are made. Plastics student adding pellets to the hopper of the Hesta Extrusion Blow Molding machine. A plastics student inspecting a flying disk for proper dimensions. The MAAC Thermoforming Machine in the Penn College Thermoforming Center of Excellence The MAAC Thermoforming Machine in the Penn College Thermoforming Center of Excellence Stretch Blow Molding of Water Bottle Preforms A plastics student programs the Battenfeld Injection Molding machine A plastics student works on a process study involved in the manufacture of flying disks Small containers of plastic pellets, the raw material for making plastic parts Students in a typical plastics class.  Note the small class size. A student programming the MAAC thermoformer

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Plastics Innovation and Resource Center

The Plastics Innovation and Resource Center (PIRC) at Pennsylvania College of Technology is one of the top plastics technology centers in the nation for research, development, and education related to injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotational molding, and thermoforming.

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