Pennsylvania College of Technology strives to help its students succeed academically and personally. However, the students themselves determine the final outcome by taking responsibility for their education, their choices, and their actions.

As members of the campus community, Penn College students share with staff and faculty the responsibility for maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning, accepting of diversity, and respectful of personal rights.

Toward that end, the College implements and upholds regulations that protect the rights of individuals while ensuring the safety, well-being, and integrity of the entire College community. Students are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with these regulations and all pertinent College Policy and Procedures.

Basic Student Rights


Student Conduct, Sanctions & Complaint Procedures

Pennsylvania College of Technology establishes a Student Code of Conduct to ensure that the College’s living and learning community provides a productive environment in which our College community can meet the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values. The Code of Conduct was developed to balance the safety and well-being of individual students with the best interests our community as a whole. While the Code of Conduct strives for an educational and developmental process, there are some circumstances where individuals exhibiting serious behavioral issues must be removed from our academic community through suspension or expulsion.

Upon admission to Penn College, students make the unqualified commitment to responsible conduct, both on and off campus, which conforms to the generally accepted standards of adult behavior within an academic community. Students are expected to show courtesy and respect for faculty, staff, and fellow students, in all personal contacts. Students must understand and accept the necessity for various College regulations and comply with directions of those individuals authorized to enforce the regulations. Violations of these regulations and/or conduct that are contrary to the best interest of the College community or its individual members will subject the student to action and penalties as the circumstances justify, including suspension or expulsion from the College.

Policies & Procedures

Compliance Statements for State and Federal Regulations