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Pennsylvania College of Technology Students

If you attended Pennsylvania College of Technology, transcript requests are fulfilled by Parchment who has been appointed as the designated agent for processing and sending all official transcripts. Electronic delivery is available for a fee of $7.59. Printed transcripts with delivery by the US Postal service are available for $10.09. 

Contact the Student Help Desk at 570.329.4848 with any questions about Student Portal access.

Student Portal access is restricted to students who have attended since 2021 while we work to transitions systems.  All students who attend Pennsylvania College of Technology prior to 2021 will need to use the Parchment link to request a transcript.  Transcript requests during this transition may be delayed. 

Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts

Delivery OptionsOfficialUnofficial
Penn College ID or Social Security Number*YesYes
Transfer CreditsYesYes
Courses & GradesYesYes
Degrees, Minors & HonorsYesYes
EndorsementRegistrar’s signatureNo
Student Portal ViewNoYes

The official transcript is the College’s official statement of your academic record. 

* Transcripts from Pennsylvania College of Technology or Williamsport Area Community College (since 1982) display your Penn College ID and last four digits of your Social Security number. Transcripts prior to 1982 display your entire Social Security number.

**Transcripts from Williamsport Technical Institute or Williamsport Area Community College (prior to 1982) are not available electronically.

How to Request Transcripts

If you have attended Pennsylvania College of Technology or Williamsport Area Community College since 1982, you can request either paper or electronic delivery of your transcripts.

Paper transcript delivery (delivery by mail, for a fee of $10.09)

Electronic transcript delivery (for a fee of $7.59)

Please note:

  • You are required to create an account with Parchment. The link on the Student Portal redirects directly to the Parchment website.
  • Telephone requests are not accepted.
  • Transcripts are typically released within 24 hours excluding holiday closures.  To assure final grades are included, do not request a transcript until all grades have been posted. 


The Pennsylvania College of Technology has appointed Parchment as the designated agent for processing and sending official transcripts. Please follow the link above to enter your order. 

Students will receive tracking information for requested transcripts.  To resolve issues with your order or to track your order, please return to your Parchment account.  

Transcript Errors

If you feel there is an error on your transcript, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 800.367.9222 or 570.327.4772.

WACC/WTI Students

If you attended Williamsport Area Community College (prior to 1982), or Williamsport Technical Institute, you can request a paper transcript from the Registrar’s Office at no charge. Requests are processed daily; however, during peak periods it may take 48-72 hours to process requests. You must request transcripts by completing the Transcript Request Form and faxing, mailing, or delivering it to the Registrar’s Office.


Registrar's Office

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