Full-Time Student: a student who carries 12 or more credits per semester.

Part-Time Student: a degree or certificate candidate who carries fewer than 12 credits per semester.

Non-degree Student: a student who is not enrolled in a degree or certificate major. Non-degree status is specifically for students who wish to pursue course work with neither the responsibilities nor the benefits of degree status. A non-degree student can select courses without regard to degree or certificate requirements, assuming all course prerequisites have been met. A non-degree student may register for no more than six credits per semester, is not eligible for financial aid, and is not required to pay the application fee. If and when a non-degree student wishes to transfer to degree-seeking status, the rules in effect for degree-seeking applicants will apply.

Satisfactory Progress: As long as a student is officially enrolled and permitted to continue his/her studies toward a degree or certificate at the College, the student will be considered to be making satisfactory progress. Students receiving financial aid must meet additional criteria to remain eligible for continued financial aid.