A change of major may be made at any time during the first two weeks of a semester. Changes made after that time will be effective the following semester. A currently enrolled student who wishes to change from one major to another must begin the curriculum change process in the Registrar's Office

The student must satisfy all admissions requirements of the new major (e.g., placement test scores, prior course work/degrees, etc.).

Students changing their major to a bachelor degree must meet a certain level of proficiency in mathematics and reading. 

When a student changes his/her major, all credits earned in the prior major will be evaluated for transfer to the new major by the academic school and confirmed by the Registrar. All courses will continue to appear on the student's transcript. Only courses applicable to the new major will be used to calculate the student's new graduation grade-point average. This grade-point average will not appear on the transcript until a semester has been completed under the new major. 

This information is provided as a summary of the College's academic policy. Official College Policy and Procedure statements, which are available to students on the myPCT Portal, hold precedent over any information provided here.