Account Login Information

Incoming students will find their Network Account Letter in the Applicant Dashboard. This letter contains the network username and temporary password used to activate a network account at Once activated, students will use their network account to access the Student Portal, Penn College email, and other computer resources.


All students are issued a Penn College email account. Faculty and administrative departments use this as a primary means of communicating important information to students. The student email system is Web-based, allowing access from virtually any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Access your email through the myPCT Portal home page.

Network File Storage

Students are provided 1TB of storage space through OneDrive and 200 MB on a private network storage area (or home drive) that can be accessed from on and off campus. The space can be used to store files related to academic course work. Other network drives (R: and S: drives) are provided specifically for downloading and submitting course assignments. Information on how to access and use these network storage areas is provided on the ITS site on the myPCT Portal.

ITS Service Desk

The ITS Service Desk, located in the Hager Lifelong Education Center (LEC), Room B1032, provides free computer assistance for students, faculty, and employees. Student employees troubleshoot software and hardware problems, resolve connection issues, install anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and answer general computer questions. Additional information, such as hours of operation and a complete list of services, is available on the ITS site of the myPCT Portal. The ITS Service Desk can be contacted by phone at 570.329.4848.

ID Center

Located in the Hager Lifelong Education Center (LEC), Room B1017, the ID Center is open Monday - Friday, 8:15 a.m.-4:15 p.m. for the issuance of all student and employee photo ID cards.

Internet Access

The College provides free Internet service to students living in on-campus residence halls through ResNet. Those with laptops, notebooks, and other mobile devices can connect to our secure Wildcat Wireless network.

Computer Labs

Numerous special-purpose and open computer labs are available across campus for student use. The labs offer Internet access, general productivity software (e.g., word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and database applications), specialized software for course-specific assignments, color printers, and scanners. Hours vary by lab, but many are open into the evening and on weekends. A full list of hours, available software, and more are available on the ITS site of the myPCT Portal.

Student Printing

Students can print to networked printers all over campus, including computer labs, the library, and selected "common" areas in each building. This printing is free up to a maximum of 1000 pages per student per semester. Additional pages can be printed at a per-page fee.

myPCT Portal

Students have access to the myPCT Portal (network user name and password required), which is the College's one-stop resource for important announcements and information, forms, collaboration sites, official policy and procedure, online classifieds, links to email and the Student Portal, and much more. On the ITS site of the portal, students will find detailed information about all of the services discussed on this page.