As the name suggests, Microsoft's "critical" Windows updates are more than just updates to keep your system running efficiently. Critical updates also plug up security holes that Microsoft has detected in its operating systems. Failing to plug these holes can leave your computer vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Your hard drive could be wiped clean, your files could be damaged, and your personal information could be stolen.

Residential Students

Residential students connecting their personal computers to our network and laptop users connecting via the wireless network present a significant risk to the network. Students are expected to keep their systems current and are responsible for any problems related to unpatched operating systems and out-of-date virus protection.

Don't do much Internet surfing? Don't download files from the Internet? Think you're safe? Think again. The minute you connect your computer to ResNet, you open the door to hackers, worms, and trojans let into the network by less-conscientious students. Your only protection is to keep your operating system patched.

Update Today

Close all software applications before downloading and installing updates.

Go to the Microsoft Windows Update website  and let the Windows updating software scan your computer. (You may be prompted to install Windows updating software before your system can be scanned.) When the scan is complete, you'll have the opportunity to review and install all critical updates.