What are optional services?

Optional services include meal plans and parking permits. By signing up for optional services, the charges will be added to your student eBill. To secure these services for Spring 2020, you must pay your eBill, including the optional charges, by the tuition due date of December 16, 2019.

Why should I sign up for optional services?

By adding optional services to your student eBill, it is possible for you to use available financial aid funds to cover these costs.

How do I sign up for optional services?

Log in to SIS. From the Financial Information menu, select “Optional Services Request” to make your choices.

When are optional services available?

For Spring 2020, optional services will be available beginning November 4, 2019.

What is the deadline for optional services?

For optional services to be included in your eBill, you must request the services by December 16, 2019. To have the service charges included on your first student eBill, you must request the services by November 17.

What if I missed the deadline or didn't pay my eBill on time? Can I still add services to my student eBill?

After December 16, you may purchase optional services online or at each individual office:

I already have a meal plan since I will be living in on-campus housing. Can I still sign up for optional services?

Yes, you can add a parking permit to your student eBill. If you want to change your meal plan option, contact Dining Services.

I purchased a meal plan and/or parking permit in the fall. Do I need to sign up for these services for the spring?

  • Board meal plans must be purchased each semester.
  • Any unused portion of your Fall Declining Balance meal plan will carry forward to Spring semester.  This remaining balance will be added to any new Declining Balance meal plan you purchase.
  • If you purchase a yearly parking permit in the fall, you do NOT need to do so for the spring.

Do I have to pay for a fitness center membership?

No, all students are permitted to use the fitness centers, located in the Campus Center and Dauphin Hall, for free. The College has removed the fitness center fee in order to allow all students to use the facilities and to encourage more students to participate and live a healthier lifestyle.