Students are required to agree to the Statement of Student Financial Responsibility each semester before being able to view their Student eBill.

A Student's Financial Responsibility includes understanding the following:

  • Enrollment at Pennsylvania College of Technology constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed resulting from registration and/or receipt of services. Financial obligations are due by the date determined by the College each semester.
  • Penn College corresponds electronically with students regarding student billing using their Penn College email address. Students are responsible for regularly reading important information sent to their Penn College email accounts and for taking action on any important correspondence sent to this address.
  • Students will receive an email notification when the Student eBill is available to view online through the Student Information System (SIS).
  • Due to federal regulations, the College is only allowed to communicate with the student and the student's authorized delegates regarding billing and financial aid information. It is the responsibility of the student to set up parents/legal guardian/other with Parent/Guest Access to access the billing information through the SIS.
  • Approved financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans) that has not yet disbursed to the student account is considered to be pending.  Any remaining balance is due by the due date. In the event that financial aid is reduced or cancelled, or in the event the student has not met the specified requirements for receiving such aid, the student will be responsible for the full balance of outstanding charges.
  • If the account is delinquent, the student will not be allowed to schedule classes for subsequent semesters nor will transcripts or diplomas be released by the College.
  • If a payment made to the student account is returned by the bank for any reason, the student agrees to repay the original amount of the payment plus a returned payment fee of $25.  Multiple returned payments and/or failure to comply with the terms of any payment plan or agreement with Penn College may result in restricted use of personal checks and/or suspension of my eligibility to register for future classes at Penn College
  • If a student enrolls in classes and does not attend the classes, the student is still held responsible to pay the required tuition and fees if the student fails to withdraw by the designated dates.
  • The student is responsible to review the College’s withdrawal policy including deadlines. Failure to withdraw in a timely manner does NOT relieve financial responsibility to the College for tuition and fees.
  • The student is responsible to provide current address, phone number, and email address to the College upon separation from the College.
  • The student gives consent to being contacted on all phone numbers, including cell phones, provided to the College. The College may share this information with its agents, representatives, and attorneys (including collection agencies) solely for purposes of collecting any portion of past due financial obligations.
  • The student understands and accepts that failure to pay the Student eBill by the scheduled due date or to make acceptable payment arrangements to bring the account current, may result in Penn College turning the account over to a collection agency. Student also understands and accepts responsibility for collection cost, up to 30% of the unpaid balance, in addition to the balance due and late fees.  Student also understands that the collection agency may report the delinquent account to one or more of the national credit bureaus.