The purpose of the Off-Campus Housing List (the List) is to assist current and prospective students and their parents in finding quality, affordable student housing in the Williamsport area. It is not a formal or informal advertising venue for agencies, businesses, individual landlords, or their property(ies). Final inclusion in the List is at the discretion of the Penn College administration.

Reasons for Removal/Non-Acceptance

Landlords and/or their property(ies) can be removed from or not accepted to the List by the Penn College administration for a variety of reasons which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing unsafe or unclean housing/properties for students.
  • Non-responsiveness to student, parent, or College concerns.
  • Lapses in annual Williamsport Bureau of Codes inspection verification.
  • Illegal or unethical sales, lease, or rental practices.
  • Illegal or unethical security deposit practices.
  • Failure to quickly and adequately address repairs.
  • Pending criminal or civil actions or proceedings relating to or affecting the landlord and/or the property(ies).
  • And/or other actions or behaviors that may have a negative impact on the College and its students.

Removal/Non-Acceptance Process

Incidents that could result in removal from or non-acceptance to the List will be reviewed and investigated by the Penn College administration. The College will communicate the landlord's removal from or non-acceptance to the List to him or her.

Readmission to the List

Landlords who are removed from or who are not accepted onto the List may not be (re)admitted to the List for a period of two years. After two years, the landlord may write a letter to the College requesting readmission to the List. The letter should minimally include how the landlord has rectified problems and include an updated Codes approval on all properties that were at issue. Readmission decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.