Disability Services

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Placement Testing Accommodation Requests

All students who enroll at Penn College must take tests in math and English to determine appropriate placement in college level classes.

To schedule an accommodated placement test, log into your Applicant dashboard and request an accommodated placement test date. After selecting a date for placement testing, contact Disability Services. Accommodations for placement testing are based on the history of the services and testing accommodations that you received in high school.

Academic Accommodation Requests

Complete, comprehensive disability documentation for College enrollment must be received by Disability Services in a timely manner. Although documentation will be reviewed on a rolling basis, we recommend students submit their documentation by the following deadline dates in order to ensure accommodations are in place by the start of the semester:

Semester Submission Deadlines:

  • June 1 (for Fall semester)
  • December 1 (for Spring semester)

On-Campus Housing Accommodation Requests

In order to receive on-campus housing accommodations, you need to submit documentation from a qualified professional that supports the request and describes the need for the accommodation to Disability Services.

Transferring Accommodations

Contact the Disability Services Office at the campus you are transferring from and request that your documentation be forwarded to Penn College's Disability Services:

Disability Services, DIF 74
Pennsylvania College of Technology
One College Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701
570.327.4501 (fax)

Notification of Eligibility

For academic accommodations, you will be notified by mail and Penn College email of eligibility for Disability Services' accommodations and/or services based on the documentation review. You are responsible for contacting the office to schedule an initial appointment with a member of the Disability Services staff. This should occur during the first few weeks of each semester to discuss the need for services and to obtain Course Accommodation Request forms. You are responsible for requesting your course accommodation forms to be sent to your course instructor each semester.


Disability Services

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