2019 Dates

Sunday, June 16 Tuesday, June 18

Age Group

Students entering grades 9-12

Fee: $ 200

Includes all activities, meals, and on-campus housing.

Registration is now closed.

Information for the next program available in early 2020.

About the Program

Do you love helping people? Have you ever thought about a career in the healthcare industry? If so, we invite you to join us for this exciting health careers program. Explore a variety of career paths including dental hygiene, health information technology, medical imaging, nursing, occupational therapy assistant, paramedic technology, physical therapy assistant, physician assistant, and surgical technology.

UPMC Susquehanna Tour: Participants will also tour various departments at UPMC Susquehanna and see healthcare professionals practicing in their work environment.

UPMC Susquehanna

Health Careers Workshops

Dental Hygiene

Did you ever wonder what is really going on in the dental office? Participate in a variety of hands-on activities pertaining to the dental hygiene profession, including the fabrication of a mouth model. You’ll also learn more about preventative dentistry techniques.

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Emergency Medical Services

Did you ever see a helicopter, ambulance, or fire apparatus rushing to the scene of an emergency and wonder if that was the job for you? Local paramedic services, fire departments, and air medical services will have apparatus and equipment on-site for participants to explore. Current providers will be available to answer questions and explain the career fields to participants. Come tour the apparatus, check out the equipment the providers use on a daily basis, and explore the various career options available to Emergency Medical Services providers.

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Health Information Technology

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the skills needed to perform basic data input. Explore how electronic medical records (EMR) are created using actual healthcare software. Put your lessons to the test as you enter data on our dual screen state-of-the-art computer laboratory and classroom.

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Medical Imaging

Since the discovery of X Radiation over 100 years ago, radiographers continue to be on the front line of investigative medicine. See and experience the inner workings of the human body through medical imaging technologies. Take and develop x-rays, witness the use of computed radiography, and participate in a variety of additional activities while learning about careers in radiography.

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Participants will become familiar with nursing simulation equipment (Sim-Man and Sim-Mom), learn basic nursing skills (taking patient vital signs, listening to heart and lung sounds, and proper hand washing), and hear about exciting opportunities in the nursing profession.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant

How does a developmental delay affect a child’s world of play and learning? How does a stroke affect an adult’s ability to care for their family and home? How does one cope with life challenges after having been drug and alcohol dependent? Learn about a variety of developmental, physical, and psychiatric challenges that impact participation in meaningful life roles and activities. Discuss how the occupational therapy practice helps to remediate or adapt to difficulties in activities of daily living, work, or play.

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Physical Therapy Assistant

Participants will have the opportunity to experience mobility challenges by using a wheelchair to navigate the Health Sciences building. Staff will discuss conditions that would cause someone to require the use of a wheelchair and the types of wheelchairs that may be needed to accommodate different disabilities.

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Physician Assistant

This hands-on workshop introduces students to aspects of medicine, as practiced by physician assistants. The workshop will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the human body and the various examination techniques.

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Surgical Technology

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the skills needed to perform in the operating room. Explore how surgery is completed using actual surgical instruments. Learn the concepts of surgical scrubbing, gowning, and gloving. Test your skills at our laparoscopic simulator.

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