Students smooth out tracks, apply finishing touches at Baja site

Published 05.15.2024

Photos provided by Seth J. Welshans, diesel equipment technology instructor

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Students enrolled in the Summer Operations Class taught by Seth J. Welshans were busy Tuesday applying finishing touches to Penn College’s Heavy Construction Equipment Operations Site for Baja SAE Williamsport, scheduled to begin tomorrow. The students moved tons of mulch to soak up soggy soil in areas that will be frequented by participants and spectators. They also worked on flattening the section of the Brady Township complex that will be dedicated to the acceleration event, one of several challenges that will be featured during the four-day competition.

More than 100 teams totaling about 1,800 students are registered for Baja SAE Williamsport. The competition requires teams to build a single-seat, all-terrain car to survive various tests. This will be the first time that Penn College has hosted the prestigious international event.