Clouds fail to dim eclipse excitement

Published 04.08.2024

Photos provided by Conor Fry, student photographer; Shelley Bamonte, marketing coordinator; Todd Moore, graphic designer/project coordinator; and Joseph S. Yoder, associate vice president for public relations and marketing

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Cloudy skies didn’t dampen campus enthusiasm for the solar eclipse on Monday. Students, faculty and staff paused from their busy schedules to gaze at the rare celestial event. At approximately 3:18 p.m., the moon obscured 90% of the sun. As if on cue, the clouds briefly parted for viewing pleasure! Physics faculty stationed themselves on the campus mall with telescope/projectors to offer a unique way to experience the eclipse.

The next total solar eclipse to cross the continental U.S., coast-to-coast, will occur in 2045.

Joseph E. LeBlanc (left) and Christof Keebaugh, both assistant professors of physics, provide telescope/projectors to view the eclipse.
Students from the Genetics 310 class take a break for the eclipse.
The clouds break for the campus community to enjoy the rare sight.
At the viewing stations set up by physics faculty, an image of the eclipse is projected on a screen for students to take photographs.
Chef Frank Suchwala (left), associate professor of hospitality management/culinary arts, joins in the fun with LeBlanc and the campus community.
A sliver of time stirs excitement.