Video shares exciting field of non-destructive testing

Published 04.04.2024

Non-Destructive Testing
Engineering Technologies
Faculty & Staff

Explore the possibilities of non-destructive testing in this short video. NDT refers to noninvasive technologies employed to test the integrity of parts, components and assemblies in structures, machinery and vessels. NDT professionals help prevent injury or loss of life by ensuring that essential industries – including manufacturing, construction and transportation – meet quality and safety assurance requirements.

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers an associate degree in NDT and two competency credentials – one in ultrasonic inspection and the other in radiographic inspection. In this informative “virtual tour,” learn more about the exciting field, look inside Penn College’s lab spaces and see students using the up-to-date instrumentation.

“There are six major non-destructive testing methods used in industry that the student will master,” explains Mark N. Hurd, NDT and welding instructor.

“Today’s market is in great demand for non-destructive professionals. It’s endless as far as the possibilities,” Hurd adds. “As a non-destructive testing professional, every day you’re confronted with new challenges, new opportunities and new learning experiences. It’s exciting and at the same time, challenging, but most of all, rewarding.”