Wildcat Forum speakers talk success

Published 03.29.2024

Photos by Jennifer A. Cline, writer/magazine editor

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Speakers for the first Wildcat Forum, from left: Tammy M. Rich, assocate professor of business administration/management/event management; Stephanie Suzadail '14; Nate Woods Jr., special assistant to the president for inclusion transformation; and Danielle Maleski '23. Frank Tuason '20, who lives in Las Vegas, spoke remotely

The first Wildcat Forum, devised and led by business administration students in an Event Management & Coordination class, brought messages of inspiration to those in attendance at the Klump Academic Center.

Five brief talks, provided by alumni and employees, explored “What is Success?” from each speaker’s unique perspective and experience.

Among the wisdom shared:

  • When asking others about their success: “They never really talked about how much money they have, how great this deal was, or all the material possessions. … They only really talk about moments in time.”
    • Frank Tuason ’20, a lead gameday entertainment representative for the Las Vegas Raiders and a stage manager for the Las Vegas Golden Knights. He holds bachelor’s degrees in business administration: sport and event management and business administration: marketing.
  • "When you’re doing something, take it in. Don’t just live every day like you’re going through the motions. … Participate in your own life.”
    • Danielle Malesky ’23, a field engineer for Turner Construction Co. She holds a bachelor’s in construction management.
  • “A person who doesn’t know where they are going won’t have the discipline to get there.”
    • Nate Woods Jr., special assistant to the president for inclusion transformation
  • “I see success as overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals by doing baby steps. You are not going to walk out of here on graduation day and hit it out of the park. … It’s going to take some time.”
    • Tammy M. Rich, associate professor of business administration/management/event management
  • “It’s OK to not always be successful. It’s OK to fail. It’s OK to try. Because you learn best from your failures. … Keep going. Don’t give up.”
    • Stephanie Suzadail ’14, a travel flight nurse for Air Methods. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing

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