Komatsu entrustment benefits students

Published 02.02.2024

Engineering Technologies
Diesel Truck, Heavy Equipment & Power Generation
Corporate Donor

An HB 365 LC excavator on loan from Komatsu, the largest currently used at Pennsylvania College of Technology’s heavy construction equipment operations site south of main campus, continues the company’s commitment to those who embody the industry’s future.

“This gives students the ability to run a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that they would not otherwise have been exposed to. This machine is set up with an electric swing motor; we have nothing like this available in our fleet,” said Seth J. Welshans, instructor of diesel equipment technology. “This gives the students exposure to – and experience in – the challenges and advantages that a larger machine can provide.”

Numerous classes in both the operator and technician programs are using the equipment during the six-month entrustment, including Operation of Trenching Equipment (HEO 220), Introduction to Heavy Duty Powertrain & Brake Systems (HEO 152), and Heavy Construction Vehicle Laboratory (DSM 287).

A Penn College student operates a Komatsu HB 365 LC excavator on loan for instructional use at the college's Heavy Construction Equipment Operations Site.

Komatsu, part of the college’s Corporate Tomorrow Makers program, has been providing equipment (including a wheel loader, excavators and a bulldozer) for various students’ use since 2017. It is a member of the Visionary Society ($100,000-$499,999) on the college’s Donor Wall.

“An investment in Penn College is an investment is the future,” said Dave Eister, director, training, for Komatsu. “These students gain valuable experience on Komatsu equipment, and we help customers by strengthening the skills of the graduates that become their workforce. Komatsu is pleased to partner with Penn College and the heavy equipment operations program.”

“We thank Komatsu for the steadfast partnership that has helped our heavy equipment operations students grow in knowledge, skill and experience,” said Elizabeth A. Biddle, senior corporate relations director. “Komatsu is a valued Corporate Tomorrow Maker, and we are grateful for this partnership and the impact on our students’ education.”

The latest loan introduces students to some of the hybrid technology that Komatsu has to offer, valuable information that they can carry into their careers.

“The hybrid represents more environmentally friendly technology, which adds value to their service for customers as well as cost savings on fuel,” Welshans explained. “The machine does all of this without reducing operating time or production.”

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