Cautionary demo makes well-timed visit to Penn College

Published 04.18.2022

Student News

Students brave an unseasonably chilly morning for an enlightening lesson.Haupt and his colleagues walk their audience through the instructive network of utility poles and transformers ...... designed to dramatically show what happens when ladders, gloves, shovels and such come into contact with live electrical lines.Youngsters from the Dunham Children Learning Center prove that it's never too early for risk assessment.What better way to observe National Lineworker Appreciation Day, designated every April 18 since 2013 (in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy), than to share the "Safety First" mantra of those who maintain the flow of electrical current to homes and businesses? Three employees of PPL Electric Utilities (Doug Haupt, Steve Krause and Chad Waltman) traveled to Penn College on Monday with its popular Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit. The demonstration – a hit when it visited last fall – returned to campus on a wet and wildly unpredictable day, an all-too-familiar environment for the linemen and women who routinely battle the elements to keep the power grid humming.