Courting success

Published 03.23.2022

Construction Management
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Student-athlete Will F. Sulesky readily sails through the dualities of his favorite sport – the mental-vs.-physical and individual-vs.-team aspects of basketball, as well as the challenges on and off the court – and has enjoyed similar ease in his choice of four-year major at Penn College. "I wanted to get into construction management rather early in high school. In Pennsylvania, there was a handful of schools that offered it," the Huntingdon resident says. "Coach (Geoff) Hensley reached out to me and said, 'Hey, would you like to play basketball here?' And I thought, it's a perfect match. I can go to school for the things that I want to learn and also play the game that I love." Explore Sulesky's journey through a 2½-minute Wildcat Spotlight video, learn why he appreciates the winning combination of Wildcat athletics and academics, and discover his secrets to overall achievement.