Novatec renews entrustment agreement for plastics equipment

Published 01.31.2022

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Novatec Inc., the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of resin drying and conveying equipment for the plastics industry, has renewed its entrustment agreement with Pennsylvania College of Technology for equipment used in plastics and polymer-related instruction at the college.

The two-year renewal of an agreement originating in 2010 includes equipment such as a desiccant-free dryer, a micro blender, vacuum loaders, a feeder, a venturi loader for a blender and a NovaWheel dry/convey unit. The total value of the entrusted equipment is nearly $50,000.

Penn College plastics and polymer engineering technology students James E. Drinkwater (left), of North Wales, and Shae A. Blasiak, of Lehighton, work with equipment provided by Novatec Inc.The material feeder is used to demonstrate feeding and blending multiple materials. Feeders and blenders are used in plastics extrusion/advanced extrusion for material feeding and blending in process equipment. Dryer and related components are used in the formulation of materials requiring drying before processing.

Novatec Inc. is honored in the Visionary Society listing on the college’s the Donor Wall ($100,000-$499,999).

“We are so grateful to Novatec Inc. for the renewal of this equipment entrustment,” said Elizabeth A. Biddle, director of corporate relations. “Penn College graduates play a vital role in helping to shrink the skills gap through the support of industry partners like Novatec.”

“We are pleased to continue to support the Penn College plastics students with valuable equipment that they will need to run in industry,” said Tim Noggle, senior vice president of sales. “Novatec believes in the hands-on education offered at Penn College and is proud to be a valued partner.”

For more about plastics and polymer programs at Penn College, visit the School of Engineering Technologies.

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