Culinary arts students get firsthand look at local winemaking operations

Published 11.17.2021

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Making the trip to Oregon Hill Winery are (seated from left): Darius M. Williams, of Montoursville; Charlie M. Suchanec, of Tyrone; Alexis J. Muthler-Harris, of Williamsport; and Chef Mary G. Trometter, assistant professor of hospitality management/culinary arts; and (standing from left): Palin J. Hurst, of Gardners; Nick S. Matthews, of Alpharetta, Ga.; and Lance P. Bierly, of Centre Hall. All the students are enrolled in the culinary arts technology major. Winemaker Kayla Hosterman (left) shows the bottling system for small operations. The winery can produce 17 types of wines from various grape varietals, plus eight wines made from natural, non-grape fruit juice.With owner/operator Karon Swendrowski (left), culinary arts technology students Darius M. Williams (center), of Montoursville, and Palin J. Hurst, of Gardners, look inside a vat of fermenting honey.Students in the Beverage Management and Service class recently made a field trip to Oregon Hill Winery in Morris, where they were shown the wine-making process and bottling operations. They also learned about the history of the property and development of the wine business. The winery was established in 1983 by the late Eric Swendrowski, then the youngest winemaker in Pennsylvania, and is now owned and operated by Karon Swendrowski. The winemaker is Kayla Hosterman.