Right place, right time

Published 01.24.2021

Student News

We've all been there.

The new band we follow suddenly gets massive airplay ... our favorite out-of-the-way restaurant attracts glowing newspaper coverage ... and our cherished “happy place” starts to draw a crowd.

There's not much we can do about the first two. But, in honor of a brand-new year – and at the acknowledged risk of spoiling someone's preferred hideaway – the Student Government Association and Penn College’s Office of Student Engagement have compiled a helpful list of prime campus locations for studying, responsible distancing and expending excess energy at any time of the semester.

Spots with the most space

CC CommonsField House
Need to get it out? Play some games? Socially distanced gathering with friends and roommates is encouraged here. Stop by today!

Keystone Dining RoomCC Commons (before and after hours, and on weekends)
Grab a snack or a meal to eat while you meet in CC Commons about an upcoming project, a student organization event or to just hang out with friends/roommates.

Keystone Dining Room (after hours)
Grab your dinner and head to KDR to eat while you work on group projects or gather with friends or student organization members.


Madigan LibrarySpots with the best views

Madigan Library
There are plenty of public and private spaces to study including multiple computer labs.

CC TV LoungeCampus Center Lounge
There are cubicles to work in, TVs to watch while you do homework … and space for small groups, time-strapped commuters or student organizations to gather.

ATHS lobbyATHS lobby
The roomy atrium of the Advanced Technology & Health Sciences Center offers a great space for having a meal, or for socially distanced gathering for a meeting or group assignment.

Most hidden spot

ACC basement
Need a place to really concentrate without others? There is a place on the lower level of the Academic Center that’s right up your alley.

Wrapture nookSpots with fewest distractions

The nook adjacent to Wrapture
Enjoy this quiet space to meet with a friend or classmate.

SASC lobbySASC lobby
Need to wait for your next class, have a brief meeting with a classmate or work independently? Stop by the Student & Administrative Services Center.

ATHS "bridge"The 'bridge' in the ATHS lobby
Grab food from Fresh to take upstairs for a meeting, to eat, to study or just to hang out.

CC lobby
A great space for a small meeting, a place to check email or do some individual work.

College Avenue LabsSpots for collaboration

CAL (middle of building, with table and chairs)
Need to meet for a group project or need a place between classes? College Avenue Labs has a great space for that.

Student Organization & Leadership CenterStudent Organization and Leadership Center
Located in Rooms 151-53 of the Campus Center, this comfortable space includes computers, a private conference room and room for small groups to gather.

Dauphin Hall (main lounge, first floor)
Computers and printers are provided, along with televisions, to gather in small groups – socially distanced, of course.

Keystone Dining Room lobby
A place for a quick meeting or chat with a friend or classmate

CAL (front east)
Need to hang out until your next class? Have a quick meeting? Talk with friends/roommates? This is the perfect space for you!

Members of the Penn College community are reminded to maintain compliance with government-ordered guidelines and protocols, including face masks and social distancing – on campus and off – in the furtherance of in-person instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.