Calculator loan program benefits veteran, active-duty students

Published 01.14.2021

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A veteran student’s donation of a calculator upon her graduation from Pennsylvania College of Technology sparked the launch of a calculator loan program for other veteran and active-duty military students at the college.

Regina M. Peluzzo, a U.S. Air Force veteran who earned a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering technology (summa cum laude) in May 2020, donated her TI-84 calculator to the Major General Fred F. Marty Veterans & Military Resource Center at the college, knowing it might be helpful to another veteran student.

Peluzzo’s thoughtful gesture inspired grant funding from Walmart Foundation and private support from the Marty family to establish a calculator loan program for fellow veterans.

Regina M. Peluzzo“Veterans benefits vary greatly, yet all invest as much as possible to enroll, as they know the success that follows hard work, determination and a hands-on education,” said Chet Beaver, coordinator of veteran and military services at Penn College. “When we outline final expenses, calculators are a common need. Thanks to Gina’s initial generosity, coupled with the kind support of others, we now have a nice supply for veteran students to borrow and utilize when their curriculum calls for the need, and then return them at the conclusion of their math courses.”

“When I donated my calculator, I asked Chet to consider adding more to alleviate one more financial stressor for veterans transitioning to college life,” Peluzzo said. “I’m so happy to hear that there will be more calculators for fellow veterans. I know this program will make an impact on the veteran community at Penn College.”

Peluzzo represented the Omega Delta Sigma veterans organization at the center's November 2017 dedication.While at Penn College, Peluzzo was a member of the Omega Delta Sigma National Veterans Fraternity chapter and the Veterans Club. She also served as a Veterans Affairs Work-Study student in the Financial Aid Office at the college.

Peluzzo is now employed by Dawood Engineering.

“I couldn't be happier with how I feel right at home with the company,” she said. “I look forward to working there for many years.”

She experienced another milestone moment when purchasing her first home last year. “I am excited to put my roots down and make this house a home,” Peluzzo said.

The Marty Veterans & Military Resource Center at Penn College is a space for veteran and active-duty military students to gather, collaborate, study, and discuss their military benefits and next-step plans with campus mentors.

“Graphing calculators like the TI-84 have become essential tools for students across STEM degree programs at Penn College, but we know that they are rather expensive devices,” said Trisha Gibbons Marty. “Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are trained to share, maintain and maximize costly resources as if they were their own, so this program – for the institution’s growing veteran student population – only made sense for us to support.”

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