A heartfelt 'Thank you' for selfless service, sacrifice

Published 11.10.2020

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On this Veterans Day, PCToday pays tribute to the alumni, students, faculty and staff who have served (or continue to serve) their grateful nation.

Members of the Pennsylvania College of Technology community are encouraged to show their appreciation for the military commitment of their colleagues, whom we recognize through this voluntary (but by no means thorough) honor roll.

A community landmark, raised as part of the Flags Across America program, flies outside the Student & Administrative Services Center.Alumni
Justin L. Adams, heavy construction equipment technology: operator emphasis; Air Force, six years
Ronald D. Allison
, technical illustration
Howard C. Aderhold
, radio communications; Marine Corps
Christopher R. Bain
, applied management; Army, 17 years
Charles Behrent
, engineering drafting technology; Navy, 1968-72
Charles A. Berninger
, liberal arts; Air Force, 28 years
Kenneth L. Bolig
, Marine Corps and Navy
James Botsford
, radio and TV repair; Army, 1958-60
Evelyn M. Burns
, surgical technology; Air Force
Steven J. Chappell
, forest technology; Air Force, four years
Arthur Cianca
, machinist; Air Force, seven years
Marlin R. Cromley
, business management; Air Force, five and a half years
Tracy A. DeCoursey
, engineering design technology; Marine Corps, four years
Anthony M. Ducharme
, automotive technology; Army, 13 years
Wayne H. Dunn
, accounting; Army, three years
Richard Fetter
Daniel W. Fox
, dental hygiene; Coast Guard, six years
Ray Allan Gantz
, tool design technology; Army, two years
Jae E. Gettig
, aviation maintenance technician; Army (three years) and National Guard (29 years)
John A. Gondy
, residential construction technology and management: architectural technology concentration; Army National Guard, seven years
Scott M. Griffith
, heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology; Marine Corps, four years
Erin C. Heap
David R. Heggenstaller
, auto/diesel; Army, 26 years
Jeffrey A. Horn
Ernest (Jim) Irvin
Darryl Kehrer
, liberal arts; Air Force, four years
Christopher P. Kohan
William B. Laubscher
, forest technology; Navy, four years
John C. Lauchle
, accounting; Army, three years
Kenneth D. Leone
, business administration; Army, two years
Thomas L. Lewis Jr.
, electrical technology; Air Force, four years
Randy M. McCauley
, diesel mechanics; Army, 23 years
Josh M. McGroarty, residential construction technology and management; Army Reserves, eight years
Donald J. McTarnaghan
, carpentry and building construction; Navy, four years
James A. Martinez, manufacturing engineering technology; Marine Corps, 20 years
Paul A. Nee
Kathy Olbeter
, physician assistant; Air National Guard (four years), Army (three years) and Air Force (five years)
Michael E. Paluzzi
, automotive; Air Force, six years
Sierra Petro
, radiography; Pennsylvania and Virginia Army National Guard, eight years
John E. Pettingill
Michael J. Polenik
, National Guard
John C. Raup
, Army
Dennis S. Renoll
, printing/graphic arts; Air Force, four years
David Rowe, aviation maintenance; Air Force, four years
Robert S. Schnars
Jonathan H. Shaffer
, business; Army (retired), 12 years
Gerald T. Showers
, architectural technology; Army, two years
Dennis L. Slenker, architectural technology; Navy, four years
William A. Snyder, aviation maintenance technician; Marine Corps Reserve (eight years) and Pennsylvania Army National Guard (nine years)
Marc J. Speciale, computer aided product design; Army, 22 years
Charles M. Stankye IV, residential construction technology and management: building construction technology concentration; Navy, two years
Gary R. Underhill
, diesel technology; Army, three years
Daniel Vasko Jr.

Pamela K. Witham

The Major General Fred F. Marty, USA Retired, Veterans & Military Resource Center, dedicated three years ago this week, offers a listening ear and sound advice to military personnel among the college's enrollees.Students
Kristen A. Bastion, pre-practical nursing; Air Force, four years
Ryan P. Beirne
, nursing; Marine Corps, 2002-06
Amanda M. Brodecki, dental hygiene; Air Force National Guard (still serving), three years
Gil L. Dreger Jr., information assurance and cyber security; Army, 27 years
Justin D. Gardner, human services and restorative justice; active-duty Army, 2003-10
Kevin A. Getts, brewing and fermentation science; Marine Corps, five years
Logan M. Haga, collision repair technology; Army, seven years
Jen Hill, nursing; Army, eight years
Robert A. Luna, health science; Marine Corps
Taite S. Mahosky, applied management; Air Force, 20 years
Trent D. Martin, construction management; Army Reserve (two years, still serving)
Chris Rogers, electronics and computer engineering technology: electronics and computer engineering emphasis; Navy, 22 years
Jordan R. Shiffler, electrical technology; Army, three years and eight months
Paul Simko, electronics and computer engineering technology: robotics and automation emphasis; Army Reserve, four years
Cody D. Smith, business management; Navy, 2011-16
Matthew K. Spaide, plastics and polymer engineering technology; Army, four years' active duty
Ashley N. Thoirs-Lawrence, pre-dental hygiene; Army, four years
Keith B. Way, business administration: management concentration; Marine Corps/Army, eight years
Sean C. Yearick, accounting and business administration: management concentration; 20 years' active-duty Navy, retired in 2008

Marcia M. Bartlett, Navy, 10 years
Dennis R. Dorward
, Army, 1982-85
Walter V. Gower, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve, 22 years
David M. Moyer, Marine Corps, two years
Jose M. Perez Jr., Army, 1990-99
Todd R. Smith, Army (retired), 20 years
Robert K. Vlacich, Army, 1997-2000
Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 30 years (also a liberal arts alumnus)

David A. Bates, Navy
Chet Beaver
, Army, 25 years
Joel Brooks
, Marine Corps, 2001-06
Thomas W. Fry, Marine Corps, eight years
Scott A. Geist, Navy, 21 years
Franklin D. Gillis, Navy submarine force, 20 years
Geoff B. Hensley, Navy, six years
Craig D. Hostrander, Coast Guard, 1982-89
Patrick Marty, Army, 1991-95
David A. Phillips, Air Force; four years' active duty and 26 years of federal service
Daniel C. Praster, Army (retired), 17 years
Timothy O. Rissel, Navy, 2003-11
Mark A. Santillo, Army, eight years
Heather M. Shuey, Army, 12 years
Walter Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99 (also part-time faculty and a technology management alumnus)
Kimberly Venti, Air Force, four years (also a technology management alumna)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Lists were compiled from responses to a collegewide email to students and employees, as well as information provided by the Alumni Relations Office.)