Getting wind of science

Published 03.02.2020

Student News
Faculty & Staff

Charles built a tower of cups, then – with Mom's valuable assistance – used wind power generated by an Airzooka to knock it down.Albert (left) listens as a child explains how she knows the wind is blowing.At one station, the children (with help from family) create air rockets from straws.Caleb and his mother use a wind detector to judge the strength of a fan.Friday's blustery afternoon provided a timely backdrop for family participation in a "Leap Into Science" activity about wind at the Dunham Children’s Learning Center. Barbara J. Albert, director, and Linda S. Dellaquila, group leader, facilitated the workshop. Leap into Science, a national program designed to build interest and skills in science and literacy for children ages 3-10 and their families, was developed by The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. Penn College's CLC is one of 45 sites throughout Pennsylvania offering the program.
Photos by Dellaquila