President, provost launch fund for new-student scholarships

Published 01.13.2020

Alumni News
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A fund established to develop an innovative scholarship program at Pennsylvania College of Technology will empower a group of alumni to aid in the college’s recruitment activities.

The Tomorrow Makers Fund, created with philanthropic support from Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour and Michael J. Reed, vice president for academic affairs/provost, will be promoted by engaged alumni who are participating in the college’s Tomorrow Makers Program as they help recruit the next generation of “Tomorrow Makers.”

“Our alumni are an invaluable resource in recruiting new students,” Gilmour said. “What better way to convince someone to enroll here than by having them hear directly from a graduate who had a great experience at Penn College and went on to find success in his or her professional career. I am proud to support a program that facilitates this unique scholarship opportunity.”

Tomorrow MakersThe Tomorrow Makers alumni members carry Admissions Office business cards to provide to prospective students in hopes that they will explore a Penn College education.

Each card will now promote a $500 scholarship, upon acceptance by the college. The scholarship awards, managed by the Financial Aid Office, will come directly from the fund established by the president and provost.

“Industry needs more of our highly skilled graduates, but the cost of higher education is a barrier for some of our students,” Reed said. “Our goal was to begin and commit long term to supporting a fund that will help offset some of the costs associated with earning a degree.”

Gilmour and Reed are hopeful that the Tomorrow Makers Fund will be an attractive option for other donors. As revenue increases within the fund, so, too, will the financial support to Penn College students.

More than 275 scholarships are available for all Penn College students. For a complete list and application, visit the scholarship webpage. Students need only submit the Penn College scholarship application once per academic year. The application matches students with all scholarships for which they are eligible.

For more on giving opportunities with Penn College, email the Institutional Advancement Office or call 570-320-8020 (toll-free, 866-GIVE-2-PC).

For more about the college, a special mission affiliate of Penn State and a national leader in applied technology education, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.