Jet visits Lumley Aviation Center

Published 10.23.2019

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Aviation maintenance technology students gather around Dressler’s Cessna Citation I.The pilot answers questions about the plane's avionics.Students prepare to enter the jet.Local pilot Robert E. Dressler Jr. brought his Cessna Citation I jet to Penn College's Lumley Aviation Center on Tuesday morning. The day was rainy, so students pulled the aircraft partially into the hangar, to avoid getting the plane’s interior wet. Dressler visited with students in Thomas D. Inman's Avionics Maintenance Theory I class, who are studying High Frequency Communication systems as part of the aviation maintenance technology bachelor's degree curriculum. Dressler tuned up his HF and began listening to air traffic in the Gulf of Mexico; later, he tuned to a reference station in Boulder, Colorado. One at a time, students came aboard to examine the panel, listen to the radio and ask questions about the avionics. Students, in turn, gave Dressler a tour of the college-owned Dassault Falcon 20.
Photos by Inman, associate professor of aviation