Makerspace: Dream, create and innovate!

Published 09.21.2019

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Makerspaces are collaborative learning centers with equipment and tools to dream, create and innovate in a community environment. The Dr. Welch Workshop: A Makerspace at Penn College (Room 104 of the Carl Building Technologies Center) represents one such "hotbed for learning" – a combination of design, engineering, fabrication and education, where students can produce multidisciplinary projects in a dynamic learning setting. Three of those students sing the facility's praises in a video added to the college's YouTube channel: Nathaniel H. Lyon, a welding and fabrication engineering technology major from Fredericksburg; Anthony F. O'Koren, an applied technology student from Williamsport; and Ryan C. Kuntz, of Slatington, enrolled in manufacturing engineering technology. "Makerspace to me is kinda like when you were in kindergarten and everything was new and exciting, and you were always learning and getting to learn how to share and play with others and make things and practice your skills," O'Koren says. "I didn't know I was a maker until I found a whole community. Once you've made a friendship with someone, they'll come and ask for your advice on what you think the best idea with this would be. You get to articulate or work with others to create an idea."