Late oilman's 2011 Williamsport visit recalled

Published 09.12.2019


The featured speaker (center) greets Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour and her husband Fred, an alumnus and retired college faculty member.Pickens makes a point, joined on stage by Yaw (who also chairs the college board of directors). Wednesday's death of oil magnate T. Boone Pickens evoked his Fall 2011 trip to Williamsport to push for energy self-sufficiency through natural gas and other sources. Pickens, who died in Dallas at age 91, delivered a public address at the Community Arts Center on Sept. 30, 2011, preceded by an invitation-only panel discussion with then-Gov. Tom Corbett, state Sen. Gene Yaw, and other government and industry leaders. The appearance also led to a Spring 2012 article in One College Avenue, the forerunner to Penn College Magazine: 'Crude' Alternative