Simulated medical cases guide students toward real-life care

Published 08.08.2019

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Scott A. Geist (right) director of surgical technology, leads physician assistant students through a simulated surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm.Outside the surgical technology lab’s mock operating room, PA students fulfilling the roles of emergency room and hospital staff members observe the work of their classmates.Physician assistant students recently visited the surgical technology lab for the last of three simulated patient cases that allowed them to participate as care providers in the emergency room, as operating room assistants and as hospitalists. Students in the ER role encountered the patients, portrayed by nursing students. They diagnosed their patient’s malady and recommended treatment. In the surgical technology lab, Scott A. Geist, director of surgical technology, led OR students through a hands-on simulation of the recommended surgery. Students acting as hospitalists then provided follow-up care.