Employees' pierogi recipes nationally recognized

Published 07.02.2019

Dining Services
Faculty & Staff

Cuban Pulled Pork NachosGeneral Tso 'rogiesPenn College Dining Services recently took home two prizes in the Mrs. T’s Pierogy Contest, open to all college and universities who participated in National Pierogy Day events on Oct. 4. The college's original recipes, featured on campus as part of the 10th annual observance last fall, were awarded third place and honorable mention. Third prize went to the Keystone Dining Room’s Cuban Pulled Pork Nachos (left). Created by head cook Andrea N. Breon, the recipe included slow-roasted pork shoulder, pulled and tossed in BBQ sauce, topped with thinly sliced deli ham and diced dill pickles, then drizzled with a creamy house-made horseradish Dijon sauce on top of a bed of lightly browned and crisply seared Mrs. T’s Mini Cheese Pierogies. Taking an honorable mention was CC Commons' General Tso 'rogies (pictured at right). That recipe, developed by Mike S. Dinan, head cook for CC Commons, called for sautéed mini-pierogies tossed in a sweet and spicy teriyaki-style sauce with julienned carrots, broccoli, roasted peppers, and finished with scallions and toasted sesame seeds. The dishes may be featured from time to time in college dining units; in the meantime, why not try them at home? Recipes
Photos by Amy S. Lingg, Dining Services' marketing assistant