Streetside art elevates curb appeal

Published 06.17.2019

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Stabley and Cillo pose with their midtown masterpiece.Striking a stunning note: the saxophone’s keys add a lovely touch.An abstract face (a Stabley signature) is hidden within.A ballet dancer’s toe touches down on a magical mosaic “floor.”Keeping an eye on downtown Williamsport's ever-evolving arts sceneA mosaic, crafted by a member of Penn College's art faculty and featured as a work in progress during this month's First Friday activities in downtown Williamsport, has been completed. The dazzling, 144-square-foot attraction inventively weaves artists’ tools into the word “Arts,” and is the work of David A. Stabley, an instructor of ceramics and wood sculpture at the college, and Carol Cillo, president of the Clinton County Arts Council.