'When a Friend Asks for Help ...'

Published 09.05.2018

Faculty & Staff

In photos posted to social media by an Antioch Baptist Church parishioner, Penn College Police Officer Jeffrey E. Kriner assists in maneuvering a larger-than-thought refrigerator through a doorway and into the kitchen.Penn College Police Officer Jeffrey E. Kriner was a neighborhood hero to a local church on Wednesday, answering an online call for help with goodwill and no shortage of muscle. "A buddy of mine posted that his church got a new refrigerator and needed a hand," said Kriner, who obtained his lieutenant's go-ahead to assist while on break. "So I went there, told the pastor, 'I'm here to help,' and proceeded to push it into the church." It was just another day for the officer, who praised the college for allowing him to "help there while working here," but his service to the community was quickly met with gratitude. "Big props to Penn College policeman," read one post from a member of the High Street congregation. "We need more cops like this. Thank you so much!" Nice words, certainly, but Kriner's heart is far larger than his ego. "When a friend asks for help," he quite simply said, "that's what you do."