Students’ Original Gaming Art Earns Recognition

Published 06.27.2018


Producers of the “Working Class” public television documentary series recently recognized three students who attend the BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 Alternative Education Program for participating in the series’ Game On! Art Challenge.

Earning top honors as an excellent example of teamwork was “The Quest of the Four,” a game board created by students Zack Enway and Dale Hoyles. The board game was designed to increase the players’ strategic abilities in battles and test their decision-making by requiring that they weigh the value of items they collect throughout the game. The two students drew the entire board, including character cards and game pieces, by hand.

Recognized recently for their participation in the Game On! Art Challenge sponsored by Penn College and WVIA Public Media, producers of the “Working Class” documentary TV series are (from left) DeMario Baer; George Ness, special education teacher; Dale Hoyles; and Zack Erdway.A math problem-solving game created by student DeMario Baer also earned recognition in the challenge competition. It was the second time DeMario earned recognition in a “Working Class” art challenge; he previously earned an innovation award in the Recycled Art Challenge.

All three honorees’ entries were submitted by special education teacher George Ness. Elaine Lambert, executive producer of the “Working Class” series, presented the students with a selection of games, puzzles and other prizes.

The Game On! Art Challenge was sponsored by Pennsylvania College of Technology and WVIA Public Media, producers of “Working Class.” The challenge highlighted themes featured in “Working Class: Game On! Why Math Matters.”

The “Working Class” series features students and teachers involved in hands-on activities that connect career awareness and academic subjects. In addition to public television broadcast, series videos appear on YouTube and the "Working Class" website.