New Video Affirms Penn College's Service to Veterans

Published 03.04.2018

Student News
Faculty & Staff

Penn College is proud to support its 360-plus veterans, who represent about 6 percent of the institution's student body. That commitment – detailed in a video added to the college's YouTube channel – includes a resource center and personnel dedicated exclusively to the needs of veterans, active military and ROTC. Other benefits include priority scheduling and in-state tuition rates. Just by being veterans here at Penn College, we know we have a family here, a community here, that is going to take care of us as much as they can," says Chet Beaver, coordinator of veterans affairs. "No matter where I call on campus, all the way to the president of the college, if I have an issue or if I have a question or have something I feel we need to do for veterans, they're always very, very helpful, very understanding ... and very supportive of everything I do." The beautiful American flag that welcomes all to campus is an inspiring symbol of the college's respect for those who have served their country.