Collaboration Crafts Logo for Penn College Brewing Major

Published 11.21.2017

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A collaboration of art and science has crafted a logo for the new brewing and fermentation science degree at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The logo, designed by Morgan N. Keyser, of Dillsburg, a 2017 graduate of the college’s graphic design major, is being used on various materials, including glassware promoting the brewing and fermentation science associate degree major that launched for the Fall 2017 semester.

“I thought this was a great example of interdepartmental program synergy,” said Timothy L. Yarrington, instructor of brewing and fermentation science. “Branding can be the key to success in the brewing industry.”

Alumna Morgan N. Keyser designed the logo for the college’s brewing and fermentation science major while a graphic design student.Senior graphic design students developed branding for the brewing major during the 2016-17 academic year. The work of four students was selected to be presented to faculty and administrators, with Keyser’s logo later selected for the major’s main visual element.

Bubbles rising in a fermentation tank are featured in the logo, a melding of science and art.“I am so excited that my design will be used to brand Penn College’s new brewing and fermentation science major,” said Keyser, who graduated in May and is working as a graphic designer for Andculture, an experience design firm in Harrisburg. “In designing the logo and other elements for the school, I started with research. I looked into academic and brewing design trends, styles and colors. I went through rounds and rounds of iterations when it comes to what mark to actually use for the icon. The final mark that I went with was a fermentation tank and some bubbles reminiscent of bubbles coming out of a science beaker.”

Keyser added: “I had such a great time as a student at Penn College. I hope that this shows all of the unique and fun opportunities that Penn College can provide.”

In addition to utilizing Keyser’s logo design, other aspects of the graphic design students’ ideas – from slogan, branded item and brochure design – may be incorporated as the brewing and fermentation science degree evolves.

“The level of quality and creativity in these presentations was a true inspiration,” said Justin M. Ingram, assistant professor of biology. “Each presentation gave a unique perspective on branding, and the client committee identified aspects from all presentations we would like to incorporate.”

The artwork adorns glassware, stylishly promoting the two-year brewing and fermentation degree.The collaboration of the graphic design and brewing majors is a perfect blend of an “in-house alliance” that mirrors Penn College’s motto of “degrees that work.”

“One of the most difficult aspects of graphic design to simulate in a classroom is the client experience,” said Nicholas L. Stephenson, instructor of graphic design. “This project allowed students an opportunity to create not only an exciting and unique brand, but also to work directly with stakeholders through concept development and the design process.”

During her four years at Penn College, Keyser served as a Presidential Student Ambassador, among other student leadership roles.

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