Art Challenge Invites K-12 Student, Teacher, Parent Participation

Published 10.31.2017


Hands-on projects provide great bonding opportunities for adults and young people who work together toward a common goal.

That is the idea behind a new K-12 Student and Teacher/Parent Art Challenge sponsored by “Working Class,” a public television documentary series produced by Pennsylvania College of Technology and WVIA Public Media.

Teachers and parents are encouraged to work side-by-side with K-12 students to produce their own unique, individual works of art based on topics featured in the first three episodes of the Telly Award-winning “Working Class” series.

Recycled art created by Judy Fink, an alumna and longtime employee who retired during the 2016-17 academic year, was featured in an earlier “Working Class” blog.Photographs of completed artwork may be submitted electronically to the series’ producers. A chosen artist in each category (K-12 Teacher or Parent, Student in Grades K-6 and Student in Grades 7-12) will receive a basket of books and supplies related to the Art Challenge.

Art Challenge #1: “Dream & Do” is based on themes explored in the first episode of the series, “Working Class: Dream & Do.” It features the story of “Harold & the Purple Crayon,” in which a boy creates an entire world with only his ideas and a purple crayon. The challenge invites adult and student artists to use simple materials – paper, crayons, markers, pencils, pens and paint – to depict the world as they imagine it. Entry deadline is Feb. 2.

Art Challenge #2: “Build & Grow Green” (Recycled Art) invites participants to turn trash into treasure by using ordinary art materials to transform a discarded item into a work of art. It is an opportunity to inspire innovation while reducing waste. The challenge is based on themes explored in the series’ second episode, “Working Class: Build & Grow Green.” Entry deadline is March 16.

Art Challenge #3: “Game On,” which challenges students and their adult mentors to create classic board games or video games, is inspired by the latest offering in the series, “Working Class: Game On! Math Matters,” which premiered on WVIA in October. Entry deadline is May 18.

Entries will be received via email, with a digital photo (JPEG file) of the original artwork attached. A separate email is required for each entry and must include the following information: challenge title (“Dream & Do, Build & Grow Green,” or “Game On”); artist name; teacher/parent name and email address; grade, school (or homeschool), city and state, and entry category (Teacher/Parent, Student K-6, or Student 7-12).

Each entrant will receive an Art Challenge certificate via email. The “Working Class” website, Facebook and Twitter sites will feature selected entries.

Email entries and questions to Elaine Lambert, executive producer of “Working Class.”

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