College’s Madigan Library Quickly Advances in ‘Star’ Program

Published 06.21.2017


In only six months as a participant in the state’s PA Forward program, Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Madigan Library has reached – and transcended – Bronze Level status to earn the first of five Silver Stars on the basis of a recent professional-development event.

The three-tiered PA Forward initiative was launched in January, with Penn College among its earliest adherents, to spotlight the commonwealth’s libraries and their integral connection to their communities.

“The Madigan Library faculty and staff are so pleased to be recognized by the Star Library Program for our efforts in literacy education, on behalf of our students and the Williamsport community,” said Tracey Amey, library director.

Penn College’s Madigan Library has earned the first of five Silver Stars available to libraries through Pennsylvania’s PA Forward program.“Libraries have always been, and will continue to be, centers for educational and empowerment opportunities of all kinds. The Madigan Library, along with many other Pennsylvania libraries, puts forth a great deal of effort to promote a wide variety of literacies, and it’s great to not only be recognized for the programming we provide, but to connect and unite with other libraries in the PA Forward Star program.”

Amey said the library is looking forward to partnering with other area Star Libraries, such as the James V. Brown Library in downtown Williamsport, to bring more literacy education to the community.

“In order for our communities to grow, for individuals to lead successful lives, there are five key areas of literacy that can benefit everyone. These building blocks are basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy,” noted Joann L. Eichenlaub, assistant director of The Madigan Library.

“Being informed citizens; making good health and wellness decisions; discerning fact from fake, biased or misleading news; and being financially smart and economically sound are all literacies that enable a person to lead a productive, meaningful, fulfilling life that, in turn, impacts and benefits our community.”

College library moving ever "Forward"The Madigan Library’s Silver Star for information literacy followed documentation of an April 11 panel discussion – “Intellectual Property Matters!” – that promoted copyright literacy among faculty, staff and students. Once Silver Stars are attained in each of the other four literacy categories, it will be designated a Gold Star Library.

“By drawing attention to these literacies with each event or display, the library demonstrates a clear connection with the Penn College mission of lifelong learning, the PA Forward Initiative, and the services and resources available at the library,” Eichenlaub said. “The Madigan Library is doing its part to move PA Forward.”

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