College’s Annual ‘Employee Recognition Week’ Honors Faculty/Staff

Published 05.11.2017

Faculty & Staff

Pennsylvania College of Technology held its yearly Employee Recognition ceremony on May 11, presenting awards to Distinguished Staff, a part-time instructor, a faculty adviser, the latest inductees to its Quarter Century Club and employees who retired during 2016-17.

Distinguished Staff Awards are presented each spring on the basis of co-workers’ nominations in three personnel classifications (administrative, professional and technical; classified; and service). This year, as occasionally occurs, the ceremony honored a member of the college’s part-time staff.

Awards were presented by college President Davie Jane Gilmour to Dawn M. Dickey, assistant director of disability services (APT); Carrie A. Mayer, secretary to the dean of sciences, humanities and visual communications (classified); Thomas R. McFadden, carpenter (service); and Thomas J. Matus, toolroom attendant for heavy construction and diesel (part time).

Penn College’s 2017 Distinguished Staff Awards were presented to Thomas J. Matus, toolroom attendant for heavy construction and diesel; Carrie A. Mayer, secretary to the dean of sciences, humanities and visual communications; Dawn M. Dickey, assistant director of disability services; and Thomas R. McFadden, carpenter.“Dawn is an insightful, persistent, passionate and collegial team member who is consistently student-centered,” one of Dickey’s nominators observed. “(Her) no-drama, get-it-done approach to her work is results-oriented. When a student needs a specific accommodation, they will have it. No exceptions; Dawn won’t have it any other way.”

Of Mayer, a colleague said: “Carrie is the most knowledgeable staff member I know. Her knowledge base extends far beyond her work for (the academic school), and she is my go-to person for questions about virtually all college policies and procedures. Moreover, she always knows how to find information if she does not know it herself.”

Co-workers characterized McFadden as “one of the best finish carpenters this college has ever employed,” and said his reputation is “validated by the many requests the (General Services Office) receives specifically requesting Tom to complete repairs; adjust drawers; construct cabinets; fix tables or computer stands; or hang plaques, pictures and artwork. He even finds ways to repair or replace items better than when they were originally installed.”

Cassandra J. ButtersMatus “keeps the toolroom organized very professionally and does an excellent job of monitoring the condition of items as they wear … and schedules replacement items to be ordered before they are worn beyond use,” a nominator wrote. “Tom also recognizes the need for additional special tooling and finds prices and availability for additional items completely on his own initiative.”

A Part-Time Teaching Excellence Award was presented to Cassandra J. Butters, an adjunct instructor in nursing/practical nursing.

Joni J. Pyle“Sandy is a model of professional positive behavior,” a faculty nominator noted. “The students’ faces light up when they come to share their experience with Mrs. Butters. I do not have to inquire about (it) – the students just flock to me to tell me! She does not talk at students, she talks with them, and she is successful in persuading the students to use their own critical thinking skills.”

Joni J. Pyle, assistant professor of nursing, is this year’s recipient of an Excellence in Academic Advising Award.

“My professor goes to great lengths to make sure I reach my goals and supplies me with resources and referrals so that I can be successful,” an advisee wrote. “You feel comfortable approaching her; she has an open-door policy and is always there to help when in need, and responds to questions and concerns in a very timely manner.”

President Gilmour (right foreground) welcomes eight of this year's inductees to the college's Quarter Century Club. Front row (from left): Janet L. Wool, Kenneth J. Kinley and Richard J. Calvert Jr. Second row (from left): Mary Jo Saxe, Terry A. Girdon, Vicki Y. Emick, Andrew M. Richardson and Paul E. Mach.Joining the college’s Quarter Century Club with 25 years’ service are Andrew M. Richardson and Janet L. Wool, APT; Vicki Y. Emick, Classified; and Richard J. Calvert Jr., Michael A. Dincher, Terry A. Girdon, Kenneth J. Kinley, Paul E. Mach and Mary Jo Saxe, Faculty.

Four of the year's retirees gather with President Davie Jane Gilmour on Thursday morning outside Le Jeune Chef Restaurant. From left are the president, Sharon L. Truax, Marion C. Mowery, Patricia L. Bilbay and Judith A. Fink.Retiring during the 2016-17 academic year were Vinay Bahl, Lawrence K. Beaston, Patricia L. Bilbay, Judith A. Fink, Doris F. Hall, R. David Kay, William E. Mack, Debra M. Miller, Marion C. Mowery, Barbara J. Natell, Joan E. Shade, Sharon L. Truax, Edward A. Vavra and Thomas E. Wenzel.

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