Hypertherm Entrusts Equipment to Penn College Welding Program

Published 03.07.2017

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Hypertherm, a Hanover, New Hampshire-based manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems used in industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing and automotive repair, is entrusting equipment to Pennsylvania College of Technology for instructional use in its welding program.

Penn College and Hypertherm have entered into a two-year agreement for two Hypertherm Powermax105® plasma system units and three Hypertherm Powermax65® plasma system units. The company, which was founded in 1968 and has 1,300 associates worldwide, previously provided educational software to the college in 2015.

Hypertherm is entrusting equipment to Penn College for instructional use in its welding program. From left are Elizabeth A. Biddle, director of corporate relations at Penn College; Brent Malik, regional sales manager for Hypertherm; Max Williams, district sales manager for Hypertherm; and Dave Cotner, dean of industrial, computing and engineering technologies at Penn College.The entrusted Hypertherm equipment is used for cutting materials such as aluminum, stainless, and carbon or mild steel. In addition, the units are able to gouge metal, which is helpful for removing old welds. The units use an electric arc to atomize compressed air, which causes the plasma arc that is used to either cut or gouge the material.

The units will be used in the welding curriculum to teach students how to cut their own materials and prepare the “coupons” on which they practice their skills. Graduates must be able to cut materials in the field to fit project specifications. Students will use the entrusted units to cut apart test plates in all of the program’s hands-on welding classes.

“We are appreciative of the partnership of Hypertherm, and that the company values Penn College’s welding program to provide access to this equipment for our students,” said Elizabeth A. Biddle, director of corporate relations. “Their commitment is further evidence that Penn College is an outstanding educator and proving ground for tomorrow’s welding professionals.”

“Providing support to the next generation of metal workers is of great importance to Hypertherm as we work to narrow the skills gap left by retiring baby boomers,” said Betsy Van Duyne, who manages Hypertherm’s educational program. “The versatility of our Powermax products makes this an ideal partnership, providing an already excellent program with added flexibility to teach both handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging.”

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