'Wildcat Rewards' Being Discontinued

Published 03.03.2016

The College Store
Student News

The College Store will discontinue its Wildcat Rewards Loyalty Program effective May 31.  The store will offer more storewide promotions and other sales so that more students have the opportunity to save money on purchases. “The program has been popular with some students, but most students never trade in their points for College Store gift cards," said Matt Branca, director of The College Store. By discontinuing the program, Branca said that store will be able to offer more discounts and sales on other merchandise.  The store recently started one-day-only “Flash Sales” that are announced via The College Store Facebook page and on the myPCT Portal the morning of the sale. Those have proved quite popular with the campus community. While the Wildcat Rewards Program is ending May 31, students will continue to earn points through May 27.  Students have until the end of the day May 31 to trade in any points for a College Store gift card.  College Store gift cards do not expire, so students should make sure and cash in those points before they expire: 500 points earns a $25 College Store gift card and 900 points earns a $50 gift card.  All points will expire and access to the program will be turned off on June 1. Students should log in to their Wildcat Rewards account via The College Store web site.  Instructions can be found on the store’s Portal page.