Staff/Faculty Pull Off Comeback Volleyball Win Over Students

Published 05.07.2015

Student News
Faculty & Staff

Dan Warner prepares to launch a serve ...... for the victorious staff/faculty team.Action a-plenty during a seesaw battle.Student squadIn their annual volleyball match against a staff/faculty team Wednesday night, students won the first set by a 25-21 score. That momentum continued in the second set, as the students charged to a 6-0 lead. The staff/faculty team clawed its way back, eventually only trailing by four (11-7), but the students went on a run to boost that score to 21-12. It was then that the staff/faculty team found some magic and made a surge of its own. Thanks to some unreturnable serves, the employees came back to tie the game at 21! Continuing its hot streak, the staff/faculty team secured the second set and won (25-22), tying the match before going into the third and final set. Employees kept the momentum going, jumping to a 9-2 lead early in the third set, with little answer from the students. But the students, not going down without a fight, mounted a comeback and cut their opponents' lead to 13-8. The staff/faculty team then won the final two points, winning the set 15-8 and winning the match 2-1 capping off a great come-from-behind win to beat the students for the first time since 2012. Members of the student team were Melissa Stabley, Dara McConnell, Carl Baker, Vinnie DelMonte, James Boylan and Nicholas Gray. Comorising the staff/faculty team were Dan Warner, Paul Watson, Sean Stout, Elliott Strickland, Carol Lugg and Bambi Hawkins. The referee was Tim Stasulli and the scorekeeper was Rafael Correa.
Photos by Jeremy R. Bottorf, coordinator of intramural sports/campus recreation