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Published 11.04.2014

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A paper by Chip D. Baumgardner, associate professor of business administration/management at Pennsylvania College of Technology, was selected for publication in an international conference journal.

Baumgardner presented his paper, “Using Cooperative Learning in the Changing Environment of Education,” at the 25th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Florida. Subsequently, the paper was chosen – along with just 11 others – for inclusion in “Selected Papers From the 25th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning.”

Chip D. BaumgardnerThe conference – and the “Selected Papers” journal – are initiatives of The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at Florida State College at Jacksonville. The conference features recognized educational leaders in diverse areas of teaching, learning and technology.

“Selected Papers” was created as a result of the center’s interest in honoring faculty who develop some of the most outstanding contributions to the conference.

Baumgardner’s paper explores the benefits of cooperative learning exercises as a low-cost approach to improved teaching and learning. In cooperative learning, individuals work interdependently in a process that promotes communication, group work and responsibility in order to solve problems via critical thinking.

Over two years, he tracked students’ performance in cooperative learning exercises compared with their performance on all other graded activities in four basic economics courses. Results showed that students performed better in the cooperative learning exercises than the average of all other graded activities in the classes.

Baumgardner holds a doctorate from George Mason University, master’s degrees from Penn State and Shippensburg universities, and a bachelor’s degree from Penn State.

His paper is available on the conference website.

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