Culinary, Horticulture Students Exhibit Floral Handiwork in Elective

Published 10.28.2014

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Sharing the fruits of their hands-on study of floral-design techniques are Brianna E. Bucklin ... ... Alexander R. Campolongo ... ... Darren J. Layre ...... Chris J. Troxell ...... and Brandy N. White.Acquiring an appreciation of basic floral-design principles – and colorfully applying those elements in their course work – students in Karen R. Ruhl's Art of Floral Design class produced strikingly original and stunningly beautiful projects at the Schneebeli Earth Science Center this past week. Those whose craft is displayed here are culinary arts and systems majors Brianna E. Bucklin, of Whitehall, Alexander R. Campolongo, of State College, and Darren J. Layre, of Hatboro; Chris J. Troxell, of Summit Hill, enrolled in landscape/horticulture technology: landscape technology emphasis; and Brandy N. White, of Lewisburg, a landscape/horticulture technology: plant production emphasis student.

Photos by Pamela A. Mix, secretary to the ESC executive director and assistant dean of transportation and natural resources technologies