'Field House Frenzy' Reminds Campus of Intramural Opportunities

Published 08.26.2014

Student News

"Intramural Champions" T-shirts were a popular draw at Monday's "Field House Frenzy."The Plinko board awaits its next contestant.A Root Beer Pong competitor takes his turn at the Field House, headquarters for Penn College intramurals.The Field House Frenzy was the place to be Monday night as students turned out in hopes of winning at Plinko, playing a sport, signing up for an intramural event, trying to win a T-shirt and (of course) enjoying the free food! The evening started off with an Intramural Fantasy Football League Draft, which reportedly led to some humorously good-natured "trash talk" and analysis of teams once they were drafted. Students then packed the Field House and enjoyed the games and the Root Beer Pong tournament did not disappoint, as 11 teams tried their best to win Intramural Champion T-shirts. After the doubles competition, the students faced off against their former partners in a singles tournament. "The night was filled with fun and just a great atmosphere altogether," said Jeremy R. Bottorf, coordinator of intramural sports/campus recreation (who also provided photos). "Be sure to stop at the Field House and sign up for an intramural event. Students, staff and faculty members will see we really do offer something for everyone!"